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Ballan District Health & Care is committed to improving access to healthcare services for patients who live in regional, rural and remote areas through the use of video-call between you and your clinician.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of video calling or phone consultation between you and your clinician.  It reduces travel time and costs for patients, removes the stress of travel, and provides greater accessibility to specialist services for patients.

Telehealth is available to Medicare card holders and consultations can be bulk-billed.

For Allied Health consultations, telehealth is also available under various funding streams, including private health insurers, DVA, WorkCover, TAC and NDIS.

Start a Telehealth call

If you have received your appointment time and are ready to start your appointment:

  • Click on the green BDHC Telehealth Clinic waiting room button below.

Please start your video call 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.


Benefits of Telehealth

  • Less or no travel time
  • Your appointment can be conducted anywhere, including in your home or with your local healthcare professional
  • Less disruption to your usual routine
  • Increased independence
  • Video calls are secure and private
  • There is no additional cost to be seen via Telehealth, however, please note that data usage costs may apply

Telehealth resources

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