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Podiatry in Ballan

Podiatrists specialise in the prevention, treatment and care of all lower limb conditions and gait pathologies, including painful nail, skin and joint problems.

We have a role in the assessment and treatment of the diabetic foot, and provide education and advice regarding the prevention of diabetic foot problems. It is recommended that people with diabetes have an annual foot check with a podiatrist.

We also assess and can provide some of the treatment available for children with problems such as toe walking and in-toeing, and for children with foot pain.

At Ballan District Health & Care, we help to facilitate optimal foot health to improve mobility, independence and general health and wellbeing.

When and where

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday from 9am to 4pm.

Ballan District Health & Care
Centre for Community Health
164 Inglis Street, Ballan

Please note, we do not offer a home visiting service for podiatry.

If you are a new client or have not seen podiatry for over 12 months and wish to make an appointment, please contact Sallee Salmon, BDHC’s Access Officer on (03) 5366 7907.