Emergency: 000
Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 // Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 8.00pm // Saturday: 9.00am - 4.00pm

Patient enquiries

Please call Hospital reception on (03) 5368 1100.

Complete your recovery in Ballan

Ballan Hospital offers expert, personalised care in a modern, fully accredited setting.  Our meals are prepared in-house, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and country-style generosity.  A stay in our hospital gives you on-site access to our co-located facilities and services if you need them, including the Gym & Pool and Allied Health team.  If you require continuing support upon discharge, our on-site or outreach services can help too.

What to expect

Click the image below to open the Hospital Handbook.  This handbook contains important information for your stay with us.  A hard copy will be given to you on admission.  The handbook was developed in December 2018 after numerous conversations with our patients about the most important information to include in a handbook.  We hope it is useful for you.