Emergency: 000
Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 // Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm // Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

We encourage a warm, caring, informal and fun environment for all children and families. A program of individual, age/stage developmentally appropriate experiences will be provided so as to meet the needs of each child.

Regulations state that we only require one educator to fifteen children over three years.  We currently have a small group size with a maximum of fifteen children currently staffed as per recommended ratios for the under three staff as children are graduated when they are developmentally ready and not when they have their third birthday.

In 2016 the recommended ratio will change as the ratio drops to 1:11 for children over three years of age.

Our Centre promotes a philosophy of play based learning which allows the children to grow and develop at their own pace and emerge in a state of overwhelming satisfaction as they learn while they play, practising and refining their skills within a safe and secure environment that supports their learning, allowing them to make mistakes without fear of failure or retribution.

Throughout the day, children are offered a mix of active and quieter activities for the children to choose from. Individual choice plays a very important role in our program, especially in terms of the development of each child’s self-confidence. We encourage the children to try as much, or as little, as they choose, and we respect their need for flexibility, often changing, or adding to the program, as the children require or request.

Aims and Goals of the Pre Kinder Room

  • For all children to feel welcome, secure and comfortable, and to feel valued and respected.

  • For all children to enjoy, and benefit from their time spent with us developing their gifts and skills.

  • For all children to have the opportunity to participate in a child centred program, where spontaneous interest based learning is encouraged and supported.

  • For all children to develop in all developmental areas appropriate to the child’s individual needs, interests and skill level.

  • For all children to develop the necessary skills to assist them in the building of positive relationships with both adults and children.

  • For all children to have an increased awareness, respect and appreciation of the world and the diversity of its people.

What to Bring

  • Nappy for sleep time routine (if required) – although this is the age where children start to go without their afternoon rest routine.

  • Changes of clothing -at least two sets  (more of bottom sets if your child is toilet training– covers routine soiling of clothing)  While we provide protective clothing for art experiences, our pre-kinder children are very busy people and we endeavour to allow them to explore the environment fully.

  • If your child is toilet training, pleas ensure that they are dressed in easily removable clothing such as track pants that encourages independent toileting.  Also several changes of underwear as it often takes a lot of practice before they get it right.

  • Comfort items are still important at this age, especially if this is a new centre that they are attending. – anything that can create a link between home and centre life is welcome (all we ask is that it be clearly named so that we can identify its owner).  This can be a teddy, a blanket, piece of clothing or other item that your child may be attached too.  Some parents provide photos that the child can carry with them through the day or attach to their bag.

  • Please DO NOT bring food – your child will receive adequate sufficiency throughout the day with our nutritious daily menu designed and approved by dietary professionals and offering your child up to 50% of their recommended daily nutritional intake.