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Palliative Care is the specialised and holistic care of someone suffering from an advanced, progressive terminal illness.

Our Palliative Care is ‘multi-disciplinary’ which means the patient can access a range of specialised medical, nursing, allied health and support services from our hospital. This eliminates the need for very ill people in our community to move out of town for this level of care.

The increasing frailty of residents admitted to hostel and nursing homes means staff are familiar with death. There is an increased understanding of the dying resident’s needs in staff in Palliative Care. The provision of skilled care which addresses the resident’s physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional needs are all practiced in a home-like environment.

The aim of our palliative care is to maximise the quality of the person’s life before they pass away. This is achieved by coordinating and delivering a range of services in response to the patient’s individual needs and the needs of their family and friends.

Our Palliative Care services offer:

  • Expertise in pain and symptom management
  • Help with financial, employment, parenting and other issues which arise as a consequence of being diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Emotional support for the patients and their families and carers; and Inpatient care.