Emergency: 000
Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 // Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm // Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Celebrations & Adventures

Birthdays are celebrated for each child at BCCC, however in keeping with our allergy management policy we ask parents  if provide any cakes or special food, they must also provide a written list of ingredients for the Centre to keep on file.

Regular Excursions and Incursions are part of our program for Kinder and Pre-Kinder rooms. These allow our children an opportunity to explore and extend on the experiences provided in care. An excursion is planned with specific objectives to complement the room’s program. For example, our Kinder children may learn more about community by participating in Community Garden Projects or visiting the library.

Sustainable Practices

  • Sustainable practices plays a core role in driving our educational program. We value the resources we use and look at ways to interact with our environment in a way that models to our children practices that are sympathetic to the environment and minimise our impact.

  • all paper products are recycled or composted.

  • The Community garden chooks, compost bins and worm farm helps us greatly reduce the amount of food waste going into landfill

  • Rainwater is collected and diverted back through the toilet system, reducing our relience on ‘town water’

  • Cardboard boxes, if not being used in the rooms first is seperated and collected by a local paper recycling company

Behaviour Guidance

Ballan Community Child Care centre strives to encourage and develop self-esteem and self-awareness in all children. Through this, children have more understanding of and respect for the needs and feelings of others.

Emphasis is placed on positive reinforcement of acceptable behaviours and redirection strategies for unacceptable behaviours.

Centre staff ensures that no child is subjected to any form of physical or emotional abuse. If you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour please arrange a time to sit down with your room leader to discuss these concerns.

Toys from Home

While we encourage children to bring comfort items, we do ask that parents try to discourage or  limit other toys and objects from home as it is difficult to guarantee their safety and sometimes their ownership status can be confused causing many distressed children if the item goes home with another child by accident.  Particularly common when toys are all the same – such as those found in children’s take away food packages from MacDonalds or KFC