Emergency: 000
Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 // Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm // Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Ratio: 15 children with 1 educator

Families have begun to think about their choices for their child’s pre-school by the time they enrol their children into our Kindergarten Room

What do we offer?

We run a program that compliments the kindergarten programs run by Ballan Kindergarten which is situated next door to our Childcare Centre, where we take children across to their designated kindergarten groups.

The program is delivered by dedicated educators experienced in providing a stimulating and engaging program based on the children’s interests

For those children who have previously been in care with us (and this would be the majority of the group) this will be a secure and familiar environment, and not require the child to adapt to another ‘out of home’ situation with new adults, children and expectations.

We have a small group size with a maximum of fifteen children currently staffed as per recommended ratios, however, in 2016 this will change as the ratio drops to 1:11 for children over three years of age.

The centre works in conjunction with supporting agencies and is able to provide additional staff to cater for any special needs within the group.

Parents are very welcome in our service as we operate under an “Open Door Policy” encouraging parent involvement as much you like and can manage – we have no required kinder duties, but if you have interests or skills you would like to share with the children we would love to have you enrich our program in that way.

We offer strong community involvement for the children – incorporating many community based activities within our curriculum

What to Bring

  • Changes of clothing -at least two sets  (more of bottom sets if your child is toilet training– covers routine soiling of clothing)  While we provide protective clothing for art experiences, our kinder children are very busy people and we endeavour to allow them to explore the environment fully.

  • Please DO NOT bring food – your child will receive adequate sufficiency throughout the day with our nutritious daily menu designed and approved by dietary professionals and offering your child up to 50% of their recommended daily nutritional intake.