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What is influenza (the flu)?

Influenza (the flu) is a potentially life threatening contagious disease of the respiratory tract caused by influenza viruses.

Influenza can lead to complications and for some people – the elderly, people with poor immune systems and people with pre-existing respiratory, cardiac and endocrine disease—influenza can be a significant disease and cause death.

The flu can also cause the death of healthy adults and children.

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Things to know in 2018

Following last year’s horrific flu season, it is more important than ever to get the 2018 vaccine against influenza. Things to know from the Australian Government’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy:

  1. Recent evidence suggests that protection from influenza may begin to wane after three to four months.
  2. The period of influenza virus circulation is typically from June to September in Australia, and usually peaking from August.

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