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Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 // Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm // Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

To view our child care fees please click below:

2015 Child Care Fee schedule

At Ballan Community Childcare, we strive to keep our fees competitive and affordable for the community.  When setting fees, we look at a myriad of factors including, what is currently available elsewhere and how much is being charged for those services, the number of people requiring care and also the costs involved in us providing a high quality service to our families. Fees are reviewed annually and any changes are communicated to parents through our website, parent letters and newsletters.  They are also posted on the window at the front office for public viewing.

Childcare Benefit is available from Family Assistance Office for eligible families. We are a Registered Childcare Rebate Scheme Provider. To help you save money, we endeavour to sell on your annual leave or sick leave absences if we are given sufficient notice.  If this is not possible, families are will still be charged for permanent booked days.

Childcare Tax Rebate (CCR) is available to working families and those that meet the work study training test of minimum of 13 hours per week – please speak with Family Assistance Office to determine your eligibility.  This benefit can be paid either to the service on your behalf and further reduce your out of pocket expenses if you wish.

The days are flexible to meet your needs   There is also the possibility of changing your booking through the year should your needs change (subject to availability).  If your booked day falls on a public holiday and the Centre is closed, you are invited to make changes to your booking within that same week provided vacancies are available. Should this not be possible, then families will still be charged at the normal daily rate for public holidays.