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Aged Care

Dementia Australia: Effective Communication

The focus of this Dementia Australia session is on how dementia changes communication and possible alternate communication strategies which may be helpful. We also discuss dealing with over-reactions of a person with dementia and how to support the person who is distressed.

Thursday 27 September 2018
1.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Ballan District Health & Care


  • How dementia changes a person’s ability to communicate
  • Recognise situations when communication is likely to be difficult for the person with dementia and better understand why this might be so
  • Use a range of simple strategies to enhance communication
  • Respond more effectively with unusually emotional reactions by the person with dementia
  • Draw from a range of ‘Tips and Hints’ for making the most of the moment with the person with dementia

Suitable for

Family and friends of a person diagnosed with dementia who already have a basic understanding of dementia and who need assistance with effective communication.


  • Pension $10
  • Part Pension $15
  • No Pension $30
  • Care package 3 or 4 $50 (full cost recovery)


  • Online: EventArc
  • Phone: Lisa Reed, 1300 526 576
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