Emergency: 000
Hospital: (03) 5368 1100
GP Clinic: (03) 5366 7999 • Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm • Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Ballan District Health & Care is a community-owned, registered charity, providing a GP clinic, allied healthcare, hospital care, x-ray services, dental, aged care, indoor pool facilities, childcare,  in-home support programs and more (A-Z Services).

With 180+ staff members and 90+ volunteers, we work closely with the community to respond to healthcare and wellbeing needs.

24/7 Urgent Care

In emergency & life threatening situations, please call 000 for an ambulance.

If urgent, but non life threatening, please present at 33 Cowie Street, Ballan and press Buzzer in the ambulance bay. Or call 5368 1100 to speak to a Nurse.


Urgent Care Centre

33 Cowie Street
Ballan, Victoria 3342

Phone: 5368 1100

Community Health
GP Clinic and Allied Health

164 Inglis Street
Ballan, Victoria 3342

Phone: 5366 7999

Aged Care

168 Inglis St
Ballan, Victoria 3342

Phone: 5368 1100


88a Simpson Street,
Ballan, Victoria 3342

Phone: 5368 1811

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